Revell provides all types of fencing and railing for homes, businesses, estates or ranches.

Start with your choice 
of superior materials in wood, steel, iron, masonry or a combination. For a large or small project, a privacy fence or an entire ranch perimeter boundary fence, Revell’s experience with materials and professional installation is a guaranteed assurance that your project will be designed, installed and finished with the finest materials and workmanship you expect.

Since there are many other factors to consider in the process of fencing your property, Revell can advise on complicated compliance issues.

Environmental or Community Friendly Considerations

  • Blocking the sun or wind or interfering with drainage?
  • Is there a “neighbor friendly” style? Should both sides look alike?

Local Legalities and Permits

  • Height of the fence within legal limits?
  • Building code compliant issues?

Fence Along Property Lines

  • Has a licensed surveyor marked your property lines for a legal certification?
  • Should the fence be set 6 inches inside the property line? Why?
  • Will the fence follow the contours of the property?

The following is a list of the types of fencing we have installed:

  • Custom Fencing
  • Steel Fencing
  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Wood Fencing
  • PVC Fence
  • Columns
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