Garage Doors

Revell provides garage door operators that provide the ultimate open and shut convenience as well as the latest safety features.

Residential or heavy-duty commercial doors are easily automated with our brand name motorized components. We have power levels and drive systems for all types of homes and applications, including those with rooms over the garage or those with heavy doors. All door openers are proven to withstand even the harshest of elements and years of extended use. Innovative accessories designed to make home access even more hi-tech and convenient are also available. You can even open doors or turn house lights on or off from anywhere in the world – using a smartphone or computer.

How does the automated system usually work? A large door that’s separated into flexible panels moves up and down on rollers installed in a track system. The door opener, usually mounted in the center of the garage provides the actual pulling power to bring the garage door up or down. The weight-reducing assistance of the springs that typically run across the length of the garage door opening enables the motor to pull up the significantly heavy weight of a garage door.

Because garage doors are usually the largest moving objects in our homes or business, safety should be the primary focus of maintenance and repair of door and operator systems. An annual inspection and adjustment of your system is highly recommended to ensure its continued safety and maximize its useful life

The following list is what we can do related to garage door operators:

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